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Sri Parthasarathy Temple

Parthasarathy Temple built by Pallavas in the 8th century. This Temple is dedicated to Lord Krishna and is one of the oldest temples in Chennai. This is one of the top tourist places to visit in Chennai city.

parthasarathy_14The Parthasarathy Swamy Temple is one of the 108 Divya Desams, is said to have been renovated by a King of Pallava dynasty. “Brindaranya” is the traditional Puranic name of Thiru-Alli-Keni now known as Thiruvallikeni or modern Triplicane. It is said that for at least five thousand years, it has been a resting place for pilgrims who had come down from Thirupathy to have a bath in the sea on the days of Solar and Lunar Eclipses and on other auspicious days it being in a direct line to Thirupathy, Thiruthani and Trivellore and the route being free from swamps.

The famous Charama Sloka of the Bhagavat Geetha:-

“Sarva Dharman Parithyajya Mamekam Saranam Vraja Ahamthwa Sarwa Papebhyo Mokshayishyami Ma Suchaha” (18-66):

This quintessence of the Geetha is rendered into English by Sir Edwin Amold thus:-

“And let go those Rites and writ duties! Fly to Me alone!
Make Me thy single refuge! I will free Thy soul from all its sins! Be of good cheer!”

102246-200Distance (From Chennai Central Railway Station): 4 Kms

icon-nearby Commonly Visited From: Chennai Central Railway Station

time  Trip Duration (From Chennai Central Railway Station, Including Travel): 1 Hour

tailored-trip-icon Place Location: In Peter’s Road, Triplicane

aiga-ground-transportation Transportation Options: Bus / Cab / Auto / Train

seo-performance-graphic-in-a-circle_318-50374-png Travel Tips: None